Biblical literacy, in short, is the ability to understand the meaning of the text, apply it to your life and be transformed by that knowledge. But that’s not all biblical literacy is.

With that being said, biblical literacy is not merely being able to recall detailed facts about the Bible or to summarize major stories or even books of the Bible; though that’s great and it’s a natural byproduct of being in the word regularly and being biblically literate.

Ultimately biblical literacy is about knowing God and how we do that is understanding God’s character and also understanding the overarching story of redemption that’s woven throughout the entirety of the Bible. Biblical literacy is not merely seeing the Bible broken up in books or broken up into Old Testament and New Testament; Biblical literacy is seeing the story of redemption (Creation, The Fall, Redemption, and restoration) woven into every book of the Bible. It’s seeing how the books of the Bible compliments each other and seeing Christ represented in each book

Also, it’s so important to understand that the Old Testament and New Testament perfectly fit together and how the story of Christ is first seen in Genesis and how Christ brings restoration in the Book of Revelation.

So ultimately, Biblical literacy is being able to connect those dots to know God’s character, to know the overarching story of redemption, and how its seen interwoven throughout the Bible. In turn we apply those truths in our life and we are transformed by it.

Biblical literacy is so important because without understanding God and His story of redemption we are unable to truly know the purpose of His Word and thus unable to live in light of correctly applying it to our lives.

I hope that this short and sweet explanation of biblical literacy helps you to stop and take stock of your current level of understanding of scripture and I hope it sparks a passion to dive deeper into God’s Word. Seek God in His Word and He will bless your efforts in rich deep ways!

In my next post I will give some great tips and tools to grow in biblical literacy!

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