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It’s in the Waiting is a resource to empower women to wait on the Lord well during the process and journey of where we are now to where He has called us to be.

My desire is to help you:

  • understand your identity in Christ and who He says you are
  • to help you understand the purpose of times of waiting
  • to be armed with the skills needed to make the most of waiting on the Lord
  • and to explore God in His fullness

As I have gotten older I’ve recognized the millennial in me. Always wanting instant gratification, needing situations to turn out how I pictured it, and worse; not truly understanding that the point of the “end-goal” is actually the process thats get us there, and i’ve noticed many of us think the same way.

Not every moment of your life will be a “mountian-top experience”. More often than not, we live most moments in the “in-between”. You have to do the time, go through ups and downs, the struggles and trials, the successes and failures.

And thats ok! You know why? Because everything you need in life is found in the process, the in-between, in the waiting.

Everything you need in life is found in the process, the in-between, in the waiting

For example, say God is calling you to a public ministry, to be a trusted voice in the Body of Christ. Could He trust you with that in your current state? Or would the level of your attitude, character, and integrity disqualify you? Would entering into a public ministry destroy you because you weren’t ready?

But what if God, in His mercy, allows you to go through a process that sifts out the ugly, removes the attitudes of our heart, burns away the things that don’t represent Him well, and produces a spiritual maturity that is ready to lead others. Thats what It’s in the Waiting is all about.

No matter what He has called you to, we all have to go through our own process.

We all have our own process

This is about recognizing that the vital things that we need to learn are found in the journey of waiting on the Lord.

My hope for this blog and youtube channel is to stir up your affection for the Lord, help you understand who He says you are, and to encourage you as you are on your way to stepping into what God created you for.

I’m so excited to go on this journey with you!

Lets purpose in our hearts to be intentional about valuing the beauty of the in-between! It’s in the Waiting!

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Love y’all,  Alyssa

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