What does “Its in the Waiting” mean?

For a long time, I have had the desire to start a blog/vlog to encourage women in their specific process of life. As I spent time with the Lord I asked Him what direction and purpose He was giving me in this journey of ministering to women. He reminded me of a conversation I had the night before at church. A few of us were sitting around after service talking about where we were in life and, honestly, our struggles to accomplish the goals we had in our heart. As I sat and listened to this group of beautiful people who have great purpose and destiny on their lives, I felt frustrated. Frustrated because despite what they might think, they are on the right track. Frustrated because regardless of their current circumstances they have been purposed to do something big, something of great value. They couldn’t see it, at least not in that moment. 

I then realized, most people are living their life  for the “big moments”. The moments of accomplishment, achieving a goal, seeing a promise of God fulfilled. You know, those mountain top experiences that bring great joy in our lives. 

But then i also realized, this moments are far and few in between. Not that they don’t happen or that God never fulfills the desires of our heart but usually those moments take time to get to. No one achieves greatness over night and if you do, it usually doesn’t last long. 

How many of you have been contending for a promise that God spoke to you but have yet to see it come to fruition? We see in the Bible that usually those that God had predestined for greatness find themselves in a place of waiting, growing with God, and growing in character, far before God choses to use them on the large scale that He showed them in the beginning. I could go down the list, Moses, King David, Abraham, Sarah, even Jesus. They all had to either wait, contend, or believe when it looked contrary to what God spoke. 

Can you see how “the waiting” is a universal aspect to life with God?

As i realize more and more, God makes us wait. The accomplishment, promise, vision, healing, achievement, is sweeter when we learn how to wait with the Lord well.

I want to encourage you to wait with hope, wait with patience, and wait with a realization that God is in the waiting.

“Everything you need from God to accomplish the vision He has set forth for you is gained in the in-between moments with Him.”

Everything you need from God to accomplish the vision He has set forth for you is gained in the in-between moments with Him. Thats where He teaches you His word, His voice. Thats where He teaches you to get ride of that nasty attitude that would otherwise hold you back. You learn to persevere, to have joy in all moments of life. 

In the times of waiting, our flesh tell us that these are mundane times in our life, nothing is moving for me. Im just living life day to day and I see no evidence of the vision God gave me coming to life. In those moments we have to deny our flesh and realize we are in the stages of preparation.

So this blog is all about being intentional with the in-between and realizing that we find beauty and all that we need… In the Waiting.